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Have you ever wondered how to make your brand stand out from the competition? Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model provides a unique perspective on how to differentiate your brand’s value proposition. This model revolves around three main concepts: Why, How, and What.

By understanding the power of Why, How, and What, and implementing the ideas behind them into your brand, you can create a unique value proposition that will set you apart from the competition. Through this model, you can gain insights into how to effectively communicate your brand’s mission and purpose, as well as how to create a powerful, meaningful experience for your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

Understanding the Three Circles of Simon Sinek's Golden Circle Model – Why, How, and What

When it comes to marketing and branding, there is often a lot of confusion about what matters most. Through the Golden Circle Model, Simon Sinek identifies three main concepts that are essential to creating a successful brand. These include Why, How, and What. 

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Using the Golden Circle Model to Communicate Your Brand's Mission and Purpose

The Why of the Golden Circle Model represents your company’s mission and purpose. Brands such as Apple, Nike, and Tesla have a strong mission and purpose that is at the core of their business. These companies are more than just a product, they are a culture that has been built around a certain set of values and ideals. By understanding your company’s mission and purpose and communicating it to your customers, you can create a strong, loyal following.


Having a strong Why will help you to effectively communicate your company’s mission and purpose to your customers, which can lead to stronger brand recognition and greater customer satisfaction. The stronger your Why is, the stronger your brand will be.


The How section of the Golden Circle Model represents your company’s approach to creating a product or service. It is how your business solves a problem. It is important to have a strong sense of your company’s How, as it can help you to build a consistent brand image. By first having a strong Why, and then following up with a strong How, you can create a powerful brand that has a greater chance of standing out from the competition.

The What section of the Golden Circle Model represents the product or service that your company provides. The What of the Golden Circle Model is essentially what your customers are looking for, but it is also so much more.

The What must be more than just the product or service that you are offering. It must be an engaging experience that your customers can’t wait to be a part of. The What must be something that your customers will remember and be excited about. It must be something that will stick in their minds for days, weeks, and even months after the initial purchase, and that will draw them back to your brand time and time again.

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Examining Examples of Brands Who Have Used the Golden Circle Model Successfully

Brands like Apple, Nike, and Tesla all use the Golden Circle Model to some extent, but they also adapt it to fit their unique brands. Each brand has their own Golden Circle Model, but all three of these brands have one thing in common – a strong Why. All of these brands start with their company’s mission and purpose, and then build out from there.

For example, apples marketing of new products is famously simple. Instead of marketing the iPod as “256GB storage, Digital Display, MP3 compatible, 3 colours” they speak from their Why with something like “1000 songs in your pocket”

This reaches the customer by speaking to the part of their brain that gets exited.


Developing Your Brand's Unique Value Proposition Using the Golden Circle Model

By now, you know that the Golden Circle Model is an effective way to differentiate your company’s brand and create a unique value proposition. But how do you actually go about doing this? How do you create a brand that is truly unique?

First, you must understand your company’s Why. Once you have a strong grasp on your Why, you can then proceed to develop your How and What. Your How and What should be based on your Why. They must be consistent with your company’s mission and purpose. It is essential to have a strong Why, a strong How, and a strong What. By having all three of these elements in place, you will be able to create a brand that is truly unique and that stands out from the competition.

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