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Talking about branding may sometimes sound like discussing a cryptic concept, but let’s simplify it. It’s a universal framework that involves enabling and preventing others’ expectations about us. Think about a high-profile employee at a company – in many ways, their role reflects the function of a product or a service. They have a defined worth based on their responsibility and how much they contribute to the overall progress of the company.

Understanding the Cycle of Expectation and Fulfillment

Moving forward, our perspective of value deeply interplays with how we manage to fulfill expectations – our personal expectations and of those around us. Experiencing this cycle every day, you can relate to different instances where your value gets questioned. For instance, as an employee, you might be expected to achieve certain KPIs. As a parent, you may have expectations to provide and care for your children, or as a friend, you’re anticipated to offer support when needed.

The Key to Success: Becoming Irrelevant

Oddly enough, the secret to personal branding lies in the paradox of becoming “irrelevant”. Strangely enough, the journey to excellence starts when you stop perceiving yourself as indispensable. This doesn’t mean you undermine your worth but you place others’ needs before personal pride. In doing so, you let go of the ego and make room for meaningful growth and development.

The Importance of Helping Others Reach Goals

Building your personal brand is directly connected to your ability to aid others in achieving their objectives. It’s a win-win situation — the better you become at helping others, the more your personal brand flourishes. This could materialize in the form of recognition, promotions and even increased self-worth.

Tapping Into the Universal Principle

Adopting a focus on others’ goals doesn’t mean neglecting your own. On the contrary, it complements and enhances your personal objectives. Our personal brand becomes significantly potent when it’s aligned with others’ ambitions. It’s a force that propels you into wider realms of success.

Concise Real-life Examples and Case Studies

Let’s consider Steve Jobs. He dedicated an enormous amount of time fulfilling his customers’ needs, and that focus took Apple to monumental heights. Or look at Elon Musk. His determination to solve global issues continues to redefine and bolster his personal brand.


Mastering personal branding isn’t solely about highlighting personal achievements or showcasing talents. It’s about aligning with a universal principle — the art and power of enabling others’ accomplishment. Your brand will find tremendous value in that. Therefore, let us step into this adventure that not only widens our path to success but also enriches the lives of those around us.

Are you ready to tap into this untapped potential in personal branding? We’re looking forward to seeing you soar!

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