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Welcome to the future of website design, where the traditional approach is seriously put into critique. We’re shaking up the narrative and replacing welcome blurbs with problem-solving headlines. This isn’t just another not-so-common opinion; it’s significant and transformative. So, let’s jump into the world of innovative website design-eering.

The Problem with Traditional Website Introductions

A typical website kicks off with a welcome note, an introduction of the company, perhaps a brief description of services offered. While it seems rational, it’s akin to throwing a party and initiating every conversation by introducing yourself, with little care for the person you’re talking to. Bear with me!

Downside of Common Website Design

Websites following the traditional introduction model are constantly missing opportunities. They fail to place the customer’s needs at the forefront, instead opting for a standard self-presentation pitch.

The Power of Problem-Solving Approach

Enter the problem-solving approach. Here, we’re turning the narrative on its head and starting with the client’s problem. Why? It’s simple but groundbreaking.

Problem-Solving Approach as the Headline

Consider this, what instigates a person to visit a website? A need or a problem! That’s why your website should immediately start addressing this problem – this sparks the interest of the visitor and bonus points, makes them feel understood.

Shifting the Narrative: A Promise Over a Welcome Note

The moment you switch from the bland welcome note to a problem-solving headline, your website turns into a promise of a solution.

Crafting a Problem-Solving Headline

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to craft a problem-solving headline. It’s simple; make the problem your headline, like “Struggling with maintaining an exercise routine? We’re here to help.”

Generating Interest with the Problem-Solving Approach

People want to know that you understand their problems before you start promoting your services. The key to success is to major on the problem before offering the solution.

Creating Value before Listing Your Services

When you talk about the value of your services before listing them, you delve deeper into the customer’s needs and cultivate a stronger engagement.

Engaging Website: Problem-Solving vs. Welcomes

Comparatively, a problem-solving approach outperforms generic welcomes in customer attraction and engagement. After all, it provides what the customer is searching for: an answer, not just mere words.


Why stick to the old way when you can opt for a more effective approach? If you want your website to stand out, change the welcome notes with problem-solving headlines. It’s about shifting from telling the world about your services to showing what your services can do for them. Isn’t it time to embrace the change?

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