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XBlock has accomplished a successful launch of its products and is now making them available to customers all over the world. Despite this, the company hadn’t yet focused on establishing its brand, which is why understanding its target audience of Kindergarten managers and engaging them through a comprehensive rebranding and website overhaul was the objective of this project.

The company specializes in the production and sale of large building blocks designed to help children learn about building techniques, engage in creative play, and have fun. To better reflect the playful, youthful nature of the product, it was necessary to include this playful element in the rebrand.

The rebranding effort involved creating a visual identity that would be both fun and youthful, while still being clean and clear in its approach. This has resulted in a much more defined brand image that resonates well with the target audience of Kindergarten managers. The new brand guidelines will ensure that all marketing materials accurately reflect the company’s brand values, creating a consistent and recognizable image across all channels.

Dream Engine Branding and Website Design - XBlock - Colour Pallette