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Dream Engine Logo, Branding and Website Design for Yoga Studio - Practical Yoga Logo

Practical Yoga is a yoga studio that specializes in the niche practice of Katonah Yoga. The studio’s brand is focused on creating an earthy, airy, warm and grounded atmosphere, where clients can find balance and peace.

To reflect this brand spirit, we first developed brand guidelines including fonts, colours and icons. Then we designed a logo that features three simple shapes: a square, triangle and circle. These shapes represent the principles of Katonah Yoga and convey a sense of balance and harmony. To further enhance the brand aesthetic, we used splashes of plant life and illustrations throughout the website design.

In developing the website, we worked closely with the client to ensure that it accurately reflected the Practical Yoga brand. We assisted in choosing a suitable photographer to provide imagery that would enhance the website, and made sure that the website was easy to navigate.

We also provided a full SEO analysis to ensure that the website would rank well for relevant keywords, including “yoga studio” and “Katonah Yoga”, this was achieved by ensuring that the content and meta tags were optimized for those keywords.

To make it easy for clients to book classes, we integrated a simple pop-up booking system, and added a newsletter signup to help keep clients informed about upcoming events and promotions. The website development process was a success, as it accurately reflected the Practical Yoga brand and provided an easy to use platform for clients to access the services offered by the studio.

Dream Engine Logo, Branding and Website Design for Yoga Studio - Practical Yoga Colour Palette