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ARK Training, a pioneer in compassionate dog training and behavior therapy, embarked on a mission to enhance its brand and digital footprint. The goal was to forge deeper connections with their target audience, elevate brand awareness, and create a website that vividly illustrates their unique approach to creating harmonious human-dog relationships.


ARK Training’s challenge was multi-faceted: they needed to revamp their brand image to better reflect their ethos of personalized, compassionate training, and overhaul their website to make it a true reflection of their commitment to reducing rehoming and behavior euthanasia.

Approach and Strategy

Our strategy was tailored to ARK Training’s unique selling point: a deep understanding of canine behavior and a personalized approach to training. We focused on:

  1. Brand Rejuvenation: Developing a brand identity that resonates with their target audience – primarily dog owners struggling with disruptive pet behaviors and those seeking proactive training for their new pets.
  2. Website Transformation: Building a website that not only showcases ARK Training’s services but also educates and inspires their audience about the possibilities of positive dog training.
Elegant and simple dog training logo featuring a minimalist dog paw and leash design, symbolizing care and guidance. This logo is perfect for businesses aiming to communicate their professional dog training services.


Brand Development

The new brand image was crafted to exude compassion, understanding, and expertise. This was achieved through a farm-house antique style, employing a color palette of tranquil blues and greens, complemented by warm tans and beiges.

Website Overhaul

The new website, ARK Training, was redesigned to be an immersive experience. Key elements included:
An engaging and informative homepage that immediately connects with visitors.
Detailed service descriptions, emphasizing the tailored approach and success stories.
Educational content on canine behavior and training methodologies.
Interactive features for easy navigation and engagement.

Professional dog training logo symbolizing trust and expertise. This sleek, modern design features a stylized dog silhouette, perfect for dog trainers looking to establish a credible brand presence online.


The rebranding and website redesign led to remarkable outcomes:

Enhanced Connection

The website recorded increased engagement, with users spending more time exploring the services and educational content.

Elevated Brand Perception

The new brand image resonated strongly with the target audience, leading to increased inquiries and client engagement.

Increased Loyalty and Awareness

The clear and compassionate portrayal of their mission led to a deeper sense of trust and loyalty among clients, as well as attracting new audiences looking for empathetic and effective dog training solutions.

Logo design for a dog training academy, featuring a clean and impactful design with a dog and whistle. This logo represents the precision and authority of professional dog training services, suitable for a wide range of digital platforms
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Jen Anriuk

Dog Trainer

Matt was amazing to work with. I am so happy with my new brand design and website.
It was an easy streamline process, Matt made everything seem less and enjoyable! And I hate computers and internet ! LOL.
I highly recommend Matt to help small businesses identify their brand, and reach their goals!
Thank you so much Matt!


The transformation of ARK Training showcases Dream Engine’s ability to revitalize a brand and digital presence in alignment with a company’s core values and objectives. This case study exemplifies our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique needs and translating them into a compelling brand and online experience.