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Dream Engine Branding and Website Design - Art of Charcuterie

The Art of Charcuterie is a business that specializes in hand-curated charcuterie boxes with corresponding add-ons and dietary requirements. The goal of their rebranding and website development project was to increase sales and reduce workload through the implementation of an online ordering and delivery system.

To achieve this, our team first worked on developing a visual brand identity that would accurately reflect the Art of Charcuterie’s offerings. We were inspired by the owner’s love of vintage influences, patterns, and fun, and used these elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand.

The website was designed to showcase the mouthwatering offerings of the charcuterie boxes, with clear and easy-to-use interface. Customers can browse the selection of boxes, view detailed information about the contents and add-ons, and make their purchase with a simple flow that guides them through the decision of delivery or pickup, with build-in lead times and flexible schedules.

To make the ordering process as efficient as possible, we also incorporated a system for staff to create packaging slips and make order lists for each day. This allows the staff to easily keep track of orders and fulfill them in a timely manner.

With the rebranding and new website, The Art of Charcuterie has seen a significant increase in sales, over 300% and a reduction in workload, thanks to the implementation of the online ordering and delivery system. This was one of our favorite projects to date, not only because of the great results but also because of the unique and fun aesthetic that we were able to create for the brand.

Dream Engine Branding and Website Design - Art of Charcuterie - Colour Palette