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Just as a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, a brand often goes through a transformation too. This metamorphosis is known as rebranding, a strategic dance of shaping and reshaping the perceived image of a brand. However, the path to rebranding can sometimes feel like wandering through an intricate labyrinth, fraught with potential dangers and surprises.
But fear not, this write-up is your detailed map for this journey.

Importance of the Squint Test when Rebranding

What’s the Squint Test? Picture yourself squinting at a brand logo. What stands out to you? The distinct colors, the unique shapes, or the bold letters? This is the squint test; an easy yet powerful exercise in gauging the visual impact and recognisability of your logo.

The Crucial Role

Have you ever noticed the golden arches and instantly thought of McDonalds? That’s the power of leaving a visual stamp etched in consumers’ mind- a testament to the importance of the Squint Test.

Notable Examples

Brands like Apple, Google, and Starbucks have all aced this test by creating logos that are simple, distinct and recognizable even when viewed in a blur. These are brands that have made simplicity a virtue and maintained consistency.

Ensuring Distinct Compatibility with Brand Image

Think of rebranding as finding a new outfit; you want it to reflect your style while also creating an impact. The redesign needs to be a harmonious blend with the brand image.

A Lesson from Gap

Gap’s failed rebranding in 2010 clearly showcases this principle. The attempt to modernize its logo by straying away from its signature style led to customer backlash, forcing the brand to revert to its original identity. This highlights the vital aspect of recognizability in rebranding.


Evading the Shift to Low-Quality Vibe

Beware of the low-quality pitfall! The right rebranding can elevate your brand, but if done poorly, it can disastrously make your brand appear cheap.

Tropicana’s Mistake

Remember Tropicana’s rebranding blunder? They gambled on a total package redesign and ended up with a backlash from customers who felt the new design looked generic and bargain-brand. The lesson? Maintain high-quality branding during rebranding.

Tropicana Mistake

Significance of Retaining the Original Brand Essence

Behind every brand, there’s an essence, a soul if you will. It’s what sets you apart. And it’s why staying true to the original brand during a revamp is crucial.

Case of Kraft Foods

Kraft foods, in its rebranding quest, lost sight of its original brand essence, leading to a drop in brand salience and an unfavorable consumer response. Thus, reinforcing the importance of preserving the brand essence.

Kraft Mistake

Impact of Rebranding on the Consumer’s Trust

Trust in a brand, much like trust in a relationship, takes ages to build and seconds to break. One misstep in rebranding, and POOF! It’s all gone, leaving behind a trail of untrustworthy vibes. It is essential to keep the brand’s past, identity, and values in sight.


Rebranding is a tightrope walk between modernization and preserving tradition, between creating an impact and maintaining compatibility, and between boosting the brand image and retaining consumer trust. Remember, it’s about creating a new shell without losing the core, and sometimes, all it takes is passing the squint test! So, are you ready to take the plunge and navigate the labyrinth of rebranding?

Comment below, and let’s embark on this journey together!

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